Atmos RX Review

The Atmos RX is a light-weight, wind-proof, compact vaporizer pen for oils. It’s also one of the most stylish, with skins available to personalize your vape pen.

There are other editions of the Atmos available, including the Atmos RX Junior, and the Dry Herb edition.

The AtmosRX comes with a lithium battery, rubber mouthpiece, packing tool, glass screen, and USB charger with wall adapter. It’s also adaptable with different kinds of cartridges depending on your preference.


At 5″x.5″, it’s extremely compact, allowing for easy hiding in pockets, and discreet use.

It lasts a long time, over 200 puffs, or 4-5 days before it needs to be charged again.

It’s cheap, at $30 for the pen, and empty cartridges available.

Parts are easily found online, with extra accessories available online or in dispensaries.


Because there is no locking mechanism, it’s easy for the button to be pushed by something in your pocket, causing a waste of oils.

Atmos has better pens out there, but for the price and convenience, the AtmosRX is a decent vape pen.  With the ability to use multiple types of cartridges, it’s useful with or without dispensaries available in your state. As long as your careful leaks can be cut down to a mininum, if at all. There are also extra features online like glass and ceramic filters to ease the heat of the vapor and prevent heating by combustion.

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