A Beginners Guide To Vape Pens


I’ve said this once already on my “About Page“, however it needs to be said again. It is clear from browsing around forums and popular vape pen review blogs that there are a lot of myths and misinformation being spread.

A lot of peoples advice is purely fueled by how much commission the product they are talking about offers without actually having any real hands on experience of using it.

Now I’ll admit, I do use affiliate links on this site and have never tried to hide that fact. I do make a point though to only promote products which I have personally used and can vouch for.

My goal is to give an unbiased breakdowns of the different vape pens on the market to help you save some of the money I wish I could have when I first started vaping.

What You Will Learn

While this post is intended for beginners, Im going to show you precisely which pens to stay away from and why.

Youre going to see the fine print of these vaporizers, along with everything you need to purchase a pen today.

Things such as:

  • What is a vape pen
  • How often will you need to replacement parts
  • Why most models look alike
  • What material works best to vape
  • Which pen is best for beginners

So lets start at the very beginning.

What Is A Vape Pen

A vapepen functions similarly to how an electronic cigarette function with the exception of allowing you to add your own special dry blends, oils, and waxes.

They resemble fountain pens(hence the name) and can be bought from a number ofonline shops as well as those found locally and are worth trying out by anyone seeking an alternative tosmoking.

Below you can find a good overview from VaporNation on vaporizers with end focusing on vape pens.

Replacing Parts Often


Time to get down to the dirty little secrets that nobody wants to tell you.

If you are a moderate to heavy user, then you will inevitably have to replace various parts on your vape pen somewhat frequently.

Different parts fail at different times varying on the quality of part used and how often it is used.

Below you can find a few of the items that you will be replacing:

  • Cartridges (if your vape takes cartridges)
  • Atomizers go outfrequently
  • Batteries/chargers go outfrequently
  • Misc. wear and tear on device itself (mouthpieces, body, internal elements, etc)

Some devices show issues within the first few weeks, some within a month, but I have not had one device yet make it to the 6 month mark without some type of issue.

There are things that can be done however to extend the life of your parts (in some cases atleast).

I know with the cartridges for the Gentleman Brand line of vapes, you can sometimes bring a dead cartridge back to life by soaking it in vodka over night then letting it sit out to dry.

It should be noted that I have only had this method work once out of 3 cartridges though.

All Models Are Virtually The Same


If you have been researching vapes recently then you probably have noticed that most (if not all) vapes look alike. You have seen the Cloud pen and the SkyCloud then wondered “what’s the difference?”.

Well this is the answer, outside of the logos and colors there is not much difference in many of the vaporizer pens out.

There is little innovation happening in the vape market right now with most just rebranding e-cig designs which is why pretty much all pens look and perform alike.

So for everybody that wonders what is the difference between the Atmos and the “Snoop” G-pen then here is the answer, there is no difference.

Those that are serious about this hobby end up custom modding their vapes but that is not for everyone, especially not beginners.

Work Best With Concentrates

Let’s be honest, unless you are in Colorado, Seattle, or Cali it is almost impossible to get wax. So naturally, most people look for a vape that can handle herbs since their options are limited.

The problem is that all herb capes pens are trash. Alright, trash may have been a bit harsh but they just do not work, PERIOD. I am not going to go into too much detail because I’ve already said I all have to about herb vape pens here.

Which Vape Should You Get?


The question I am sure that you are wondering by this point is which vape should I get? I’ll give you a few of my recommendations in ascending order.



If you want an easy to use, very discreet, and button-less vape pen then this is the one for you. This pen really is pretty fool-proof. All you need to do is begin to inhale and the pen does the rest.

Check out our O.Pen vape review



This is a fun, versatile little pen. It is touted as the first 3-n-1 vape, however the dry herb atomizer left much to be desired.

This aside though the wax and oil attachment work like a charm. I’m am not a big oil fan so most of the time I am rocking with the globe attachment which seems to pack the most punch in my opinion.

Read more on my full SkyCloud vape pen review



This is what I like to call the Cadillac of vape pens and it is by far my favorite vape that I’ve tried to date.

This pen is variable voltage which means that you have much more control over the temperature that you vape your product at.

You can use the 2.4 ohm @ 3.7 volt configuration to get the maximum lifespan out of your cartridge and wax or you can run 5.0 ohms @7.4 volts to allow your material to burn much hotter.

This will however lead to your cartridge and wax burning up more quickly.

The main reason why this kicks ass though is because you can load up to 1 gram of wax per cartridge! Just load it for the day and you are good to go.

Read my full review about the Persei vape pen

Wrapping Up


I’d like to give you some quick notes to summarize this article:

  • Most vapes are all based on just a few models which is why they all look alike. Outside of the name and color there is little to no difference between the brands.
  • You will have to replace parts frequently which is why it is important to make sure you take this into account in your purchase. Look at the warranty companies offer and use that in your buying process.
  • Vape pens do not work for dry herbs. I do not care what the sales copy on the manufacturers website says. If you just HAVE to vape herb then invest in a good portable model. Otherwise you will become very disappointed once you load a bowl and then being to burn your weed (and burn it unevenly at that!)

All in all, stick to the brand names and start off with a cheaper, less-complicated model.

Spend the time to learn how your device works which will better educate you on what to look for in your next vape purchase.

Once you have a good handle on the basics then you can take that next step to the Persei where things REALLY get fun 🙂


The area below will continue to be updated overtime as I find more useful site to share.

  • FuckCombustion – Great forum with a wealth of information about vape pens and vaping in general.
  • GrassCity – Another great forum to do some research on.
  • Vaporpedia – The online encyclopedia of vaporizers and companion site to the FCombustion. Great resource!

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