The Crafty Vaporizer Review

Crafty Vaporizer

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The Crafty Vaporizer, by Storz and Bickel, is a sibling product to The Mighty. The two have many similarities, but the main difference is the portability. The Mighty was designed with performance solely in mind. The Crafty is kind of a spinoff of The Mighty that is more conscious of portability and stealth.

Crafty Vaporizer
The Crafty Vaporizer

Don’t misunderstand, The Crafty vaporizer isn’t a small vaporizer, but unlike The Mighty it will fit comfortably in your pocket, and it offers similar performance. The vapor production is almost exactly the same, and the design is fairly similar. The herb chamber is almost identical, and it still holds .03 grams of herbs.

Like The Mighty, The Crafty vaporizer has a very industrial look. Upon first glance, you’ll be able to see that this product was built for endurance. It’ll last you a long time, and although we don’t encourage the mistreatment of vaporizers, we assume it could take a real beating and come out fine.

Portability of the Crafty Vaporizer

In order to increase the portability of the Crafty, it had to lose a few components that are present in The Mighty. You lose a little, but the increased portability counter-balances that loss. This might be a better choice for some people, but it really all depends on where your priorities are.

The only significant drawback is in the battery. The Mighty features two internal batteries that provide an impressive hour and a half of performance. The Crafty, on the other hand, features only one internal battery, and you’ll be able to use it for about 45 minutes before needing to recharge it.

The other feature that The Crafty vaporizer had to drop in order to get a smaller form factor was the front display. It still features exact temperature control, so I’m not considering this a drawback at all. It was actually a very smart move on Storz and Bickel’s part.

Rather than reducing the unit to preset temperatures, Storz and Bickel made an app that can be paired via Bluetooth to The Crafty. The Pax 3 is making the app-controlled temperature settings popular, but the Crafty was one of the first vaporizers on the market to actually implement this feature, and we give them a lot of credit for taking that leap.

It’s a really good idea that I think we’ll see many vaporizers implement in the coming years. It adds a lot of control without making the user interface of the actual device convoluted, cluttered, and hard to access.

Crafty Vaporizer With App
Crafty Vaporizer With App

It’s also good for the user, because the company behind the vaporizer can update the app and make improvements where necessary. If you only have a unit display as opposed to an app, you’re pretty much stuck with any user interface problems that come with the unit, unless the company releases a software update through their website. Almost none actually do, and when they do, it’s always a pain to install, so the app, in my opinion, is a great idea.

The Crafty vaporizer is a near clone of the The Mighty, just with the emphasis shifted a little. The Mighty had its sights set on nothing but performance. The Crafty keeps performance as the main priority, but sacrifices a little bit of battery life and innovated in a few areas to bring users a smaller, more portable device.

If you like the philosophy behind The Mighty (an absolute tank of a vaporizer that performs like a beast) but want something a little more discreet, The Crafty is the answer to all of your prayers! We encourage you to check it out, and highly recommend it. In terms of performance, there’s really no vaporizer that can exceed The Crafty or The Mighty.

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