G Pen Review

G Pen Vaporizer Kit

The G pen by Grenco Science is one of the first FDA- registered vaporizer pens created for oils and concentrates.

The pen itself is $60, while a kit is $100, and comes with the pen with a window to see the cartridge, plastic mouthpiece, USB charger with wall adapter, 2 jars for concentrates, and a one-year warranty.

One cartridge holds 2 grams of concentrate, or 400 puffs. About the size of a sharpie, it’s very discreet.

And because the battery lasts 400 puffs, you won’t need to worry about constantly needing to charge it.

There is also a locking mechanism having you push the power button 5 times to lock or unlock it.


  • The locking mechanism prevents accidental starting of the pen that csn waste oils.
  • The battery last an extremely long time.
  • It’s thin size allows for discreet carrying and use of it wherever you are.
  • There’s a window in the pen to check the amount of oils left.
  • Parts are easily replaceable.


  • There are complaints the G Pen is easily breakable, causing constant replacement of pieces.
  • Leaks can happen if it’s left on it’s side.

Overall, the G Pen hits hard and lasts long, two important features of a good vaporizer pen. If treated correctly, it can be an excellent way to conserve oils with the convenience for vaping everywhere.

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