Gentleman’s Vape Ambassador Kit, Espionage, & Viceroy Kit Review

Today we are going to be taking a look at not 1, not 2, but 3 pens that were sent over from the team at Gentleman’s Vape. The pens they sent over are the: Ambassador Kit V3 (which features the Double Agent & Espionage Pen) and the Viceroy Kit. Each pen is meant for a specific use and I’ll be going over all three below.

Who Are These Guys Anyway?

Gentleman’s Vape is based out of Los Angeles, CA and as they like to say, they have been “making combustion obsolete since 2008”. I took a look online at some other reviews prior to writing this one and notice that others have had a few bad experiences with them for one reason or another.

Most seem to be customer service issues which obviously always have to be taken with a grain of salt and others had to do with the actual devices.

Personally I have had nothing but great experiences with all of these devices and the few friends that I let try them out felt the same way. This has turned into one of my favorite devices not to mention it looks pretty cool too!

The Ambassador Kit



V2 Mega Oil Cartridge

This is my go-to cartridge right now. I have gone back a few times to the Espionage cartridge but this is just much more efficient to me. Although I rarely put in more than I would normally load into the Espionage, I like the option to be able to load up to a gram in case I’m some place where I cannot refill on the go.

I typically use wax and shatters with this that have a higher melting temperature so I normally am always using the hottest setting at 4.2 volts. Every few sessions you will have a bit of material built up along the sides of your cartridges.

If you simply take the filling tool that is included (or a tooth pick works too) and run it around the sides you can collect this and place it back in the center.

Some users have complained of leaks although I haven’t had this issue. I make sure to let my device sit upright for a few minutes after each session to allow my material to solidify again. Doing this has reduced the risk of leaks greatly for me.


  • Large capacity with ability to hold 1 gram of oil/wax
  • Great for group sessions
  • Easy to clean


  • Can get rather warm after repeated sessions
  • Some complain of metallic taste but I have not had this issue



This cartridge is great for instances where you only need a few hits. It uses a wick-less atomizer and works great with wax and shatter. Not much else to say here, its just a smaller version of the Mega cartridge.


  • Smaller and a bit more discreet
  • Good for instances where the Mega cartridge is not needed


  • Can only load one to two hits in bowl at a time


Dry Herb Cartridge

This cartridge was a bit of a welcome surprise. It should come as no shock to any of you that follow this site that I am not a fan of herb vape pens. This one however was a bit of an exception.

But does it actually vape?

Now before I go on, NO this does not actually vaporize your herbs. But unlike others it does not claim to do so. What this does is combust your herbs but it does so better than most other vapes.

The cartridge is the same size as the Mega oil cartridge which allows you to hold up to 0.5g. It also features a vertical heating element allowing for your herbs to combust more easily. These 2 features are what separate this from other herb pens that I’ve used.


  • Larger cartridge than most allowing you to pack a decent sized bowl
  • Vertical heating element that allows for more even burn
  • Although it combust, still produces decent hits


  • Like most all other pens, this does not actually vaporize. Think of this as an e-blunt, and in terms of e-blunts it does the job relatively well.
  • The cartridges do no last too long. They say that the cartridges are reusable 5-10 times but I have heard some having success with up to 20 uses. Mine however went out at about 6 or 7 uses. Additional cartridges are available in packs of 5 for $29.95


Espionage Pen

This uses the same cartridge that I spoke about above but attached to a very slim, pen like battery. This battery differs from the Double Agent from above because it is not variable voltage. This unit has a 3.7volt output which will work with the majority of wax and shatter that you will find.


  • The smallest and most discreet of the bunch
  • 3.7 volt output


  • The main thing that separates this model from its big brother is the lack of variable-voltage functionality. This pen only has one heat setting but some things have to be given up in the name of convenience. The one heat setting works just fine.


Viceroy Kit

The Viceroy is a larger more and versatile version of the Espionage. This unit, like the Espionage pen has a 3.7 volt output. What makes this unit cool is the glass globe attachment.

The Viceroy uses 510 threading so you can interchange other attachments of the same threading. When I’m not using the Mega cartridge, I from time to time use the globe with my Double Agent to get uses of the variable voltage feature.


  • Larger and more versatile than the espionage
  • Globe attachment comes with 2 additional atomizers


  • Just like with all globe atomizers the glass has a potential to break.

Final Thoughts

I have been very please with every pen that I was able to try out from the crew over at Gentleman’s Vape. Each model is made from stainless steel and is very straight forward to use.

I know others have had issues with customer service but I have had nothing but good communication and experiences with their team. I almost forgot to mention that they sent over 3 non-stick concentrate containers which I think is pretty cool.

Although the Persei is still in my opinion the best vape I have tried, this is definitely my favorite right now!

Have you tried any of the Gentleman Brand products? What do you think?

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