microG Pen Review

The microG Pen by Grenco Science is a pocket-sized vaporizor for oils. It’s extremely small, and has a security lock to prevent it from turning on accidentally.

A $100 kit comes with 2 microG pens, a packing tool, two empty tanks, and one USB charger with wall adapter.

One of the only vaporizors with a fool-proof security system, simply push the power button 5 times to lock or unlock it. Hold down the power button and it’ll stay heated for 15 seconds before shutting off automatically. You can do this multiple times, then lock it up.


  • At 4 inches the microG pen is extremely small and discreet. Able to fit in any size pocket.
  • The security lock ensures conservation of your oils.
  • Replacement parts are easily found on the website.


  • While parts are easy to find, replacement batteries aren’t available, and it only comes with one charger for two pens.
  • Coils and cartridges only last an average of 4-6 weeks, and need to be replaced repeatedly.
  • Cartridges are known to leak, causing mishaps on clothes.

It’s ease of use, discreet size, and cheap price make the microG Pen a worthwhile vaporizer pen. Constant maintenance of it will reduce the risk of leaking, as well as prolonging the need to replace parts. The fact it comes with two allows for you to be able to charge one without being without.

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