O Pen Review

The O Pen is one of the easiest vape pens to use, with pre-filled CO2 oil available in dispensaries. The pen itself is only $25, with half a gram of oil being $30, and a gram being $50.

The O pen needs to be charged when you receive it, the lcd light turning green when it’s fully charged.   There’s no buttons, making it one of the easiest pens to use. The harder you hit it, the bigger the hit. The pen shuts off automatically after 8 seconds.


  • The battery lasts 4-5 days before needing to charge it. It takes 3-4 hours to charge completely.
  • There are three types of oil available, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.
  • No buttons means so accidents in pockets or waste of oils.
  • A bit longer than an iPhone, it’s thin features make it discreet and indistinguishable as a vape pen.


  • Because of it’s high demand, oil cartridges are hard to find.
  • The strength of the oil depends on the state you’re in.

If you live in a state where there are dispensaries, the O Pen is the highest quality and easiest pen to purchase. It’s affordability makes up for discretions in oil potency. It’s hard hitting, and is still conserving
your concentrates.

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