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From the makers of the Pax 1,2, and 3 comes the Pax Era, the companies biggest deviation from their standard Pax format yet. Every unit has been a significant improvement over the last, but this device stand on its own as a totally new category for Pax.

pax eraThis is an ultraportable concentrate vaporizer, and we’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s less than three and a half inches in height and it’s just ridiculously thin and sleek. It’s the slimmest concentrate vaporizer we’ve seen, and it’s probably the slimmest vaporizer on the market, period. It’s less than half an inch wide, 10.25 mm to be exact. At first glance you may wonder how on earth one could easily load this device.

It’s actually easier than ever, and this is where the device gets extremely unique. Pax is now selling its own line of slim wax cartridges that work exclusively with the Pax Era. This is good because of the fact that loading will now be easier than ever, but it’s slightly disconcerting.

With Pax controlling all wax distribution to be used with this device, they can essentially charge whatever they want for the cartridges. There’s no word yet as to how much these cartridges will cost, but any time a company cuts out the competition like that, it’s honestly a little worrisome. Competition always leads to lower costs, so the lack of competition could inherently lead to higher costs.

We don’t know enough about this aspect of the Pax Era to make a final judgment, but it’s worth mentioning. We hope that these cartridges will be fairly priced, and we’ll be even more delighted if they include some kind of empty cartridge that you can load with your own waxes.

pax era and pax vapor appThis device features the same four LED light interface, and features four temperature settings. It features a 240 mAh battery, and Pax claims that this device has an “instantaneous” heat up time. It’s also Bluetooth enabled, making it compatible with the PAX Vapor app.

The PAX Vapor app will be compatible with the Pax 3, Pax Era, and Pax Air. It will allow users to customize their device in several ways, including the ability to change the custom preset temperatures to their liking. This allows a broad range of control across your devices, and does so without compromising the ease of use that people often associate with Pax’s user interface. It was a good call to include this feature, and we assume that we’ll begin to see it more often across the vaporizer market.

All things considered, we’re extremely impressed with this device. The fact that they squeezed an oven, heating element, and Bluetooth compatibility into such a small shell is a feat of engineering. The exclusive pods are a bit worrisome, but Pax has proven to be good to its customers in the past, and until they’ve proven us wrong, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt in assuming that these pods will be priced fairly.

Speaking of fair pricing, the Pax Era is only $59.99, making it the least expensive product Pax has ever offered. This is an impressively competitive price. Many concentrate pens that are bulkier and frankly far less intuitive than the Pax Era are closer to $100. We haven’t had the chance to use the Pax Era, but we can only assume that it will run as beautifully as the other Pax devices we’ve had the pleasure of using.

Pax has made it clear in the past that staying relevant is very important to them. With the release of the Pax Era, they’ve made it clear that appealing to a broad range of consumers and carrying a broad range of devices that cater to those consumers is a priority as well.

They’ve made it clear that they’re a brand to be reckoned with, and we look forward to seeing further growth in the future.

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