Puffco Plus Review

Puffco Plus

Puffco Plus Receives #1 Best Wax Pen

As the successor of the Puffco Pro, the Puffco Plus has a lot to live up to. The Pro was highly praised and considered by many to be the perfect pen sized vaporizer, so what could the Puffco Plus possibly offer in order to one up its predecessor? With this product, Puffco has gone from perfect to absolutely innovative. This time around, perfect form and function just wasn’t enough, because after all, we already had that with the Pro. This time around, they’re introducing us to technology and design we’ve never seen before, making the Puffco Plus a product that is way ahead of its time.

The first thing you’ll notice pulling the Puffco Plus out of its premium packaging is that the unit itself is absolutely stunning. It’s a very compact, sleek black unit with a gloss finish that’s very pleasing to the eye. It’s slightly smaller than the Puffco Pro, an improvement that wasn’t needed, but is appreciated nevertheless.

Puffco Plus Product ConstructionWhat really makes this pen unique is what we find on the inside. Look into the heating chamber, and you’ll notice there are no coils. This is because the heating element is on the outside of the high grade ceramic oven. This will cause your wax to vaporize more evenly, and it makes combustion an absolute impossibility.

Not only does this oven provide even heating, great taste, and pure vapor, but it also makes the Puffco Plus the easiest vape pen on the market to clean. All you have to do is turn it upside down and run it through the heat cycle a couple of times. That’s right, it’s pretty much a self-cleaning unit, considering all you really have to do is hold it.

Another huge standout feature that makes this vaporizer one of the most innovative of 2016 is found on the underside of the mouthpiece. Unscrew the mouthpiece, and you’ll see a small ceramic protrusion that Puffco calls the dart.  This dart serves several purposes.

When the mouthpiece is attached to the unit, the dart rests in the oven, pressing your wax firmly to the walls of the ceramic oven. This increases how evenly your waxes will be vaporized, and as we talked about before, that wasn’t really a concern. The ceramic oven alone would’ve provided a premium vaping experience, but the dart takes this unit above and beyond premium. It’s absolutely ahead of its time.

Puffco Plus Dart

The dart also has a way of redirecting the vapor to the mouthpiece in such a way that will greatly reduce clogging, providing easy airflow that is totally unobstructed.

The only thing that could have made this unit better is precise temperature control, but rather it features three preset temperatures. Many vapers prefer the ability to increase and decrease temperature one degree at a time, but it’s really preferential. Preset temperature controls make the experience faster and easier, and Puffco’s preset temperatures provide some of the best vapor I’ve had the pleasure of consuming, so the lack of precise temperature control is almost a non-issue.

Puffco Plus Product Construction
Puffco Plus Product Construction

With a beautiful form factor, truly innovative engineering, and results that really aren’t outmatched by anything on the market right now, the Puffco Plus is truly a vaporizer to be reckoned with. Not only does it produce the best vapor, it’s the easier to use than any unit I’ve reviewed or even used for that matter. Vaping isn’t rocket science, but this unit does everything for you making it a must have for both new vapers and vaping connoisseurs alike. No matter what camp you’re in, if you’re looking for a wax pen, the Puffco Plus is for you.

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