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What Does the New FDA Laws Mean ?

Vaping What the FDA Laws Mean

On August 8th, 2016, the new FDA laws came into effect, but what did it mean for vapers? Some heralded it as the end of vaping as we know it, others are more optimistic, but no one is happy. In this day and age where technology and information are relatively accessible to everyone, anywhere and […]

Reviews of Top Five e-Liquid Vape Pens

Aspire Platnum Set

We are going to look at five of the most popular vape pens of 2016. If you are new to vaping then, it can be a difficult decision on which vape pen provides you with not only a good vaping experience but also value for money. The last few years have seen vaping explode across almost every continent in the world, but with this rise in popularity, we also have had to deal with the market being flooded with cheap and often useless vaping pens.