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Marijuana Concentrate Breakdown: Wax vs Shatter

I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m not a fan of herb vape pens and because of this I get alot of concentrate related questions. One question that I hear time and time again is, “What is the difference between wax and shatter?”. Luckily Reme Kilam and Sirius J put together a very nice overview […]

Kingpen & Stealth (DabKits) Review

Dab Kits Kingpin

***Summary For Those Who Dont Want To Read*** The Kingpen is not just a pretty face on the vape scene, but rather a device that delivers consistent hits from a sturdy and compact device. I was not much a fan of the herb/flower attachment, but I never am so that came at no surprise to […]

Which Vape Pen Is Right For You?

Everyday it seems like a new vape pen comes out and unless you have been vaping for a while I’m sure you are just as lost as I was when I first started. [playbuzz-game game=””]