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There are a number of wax vape pens on the market it can be difficult to make choice. Most have different features and drawbacks which do not make them one size fits all.

Take a look at our reviews below and check back often for updates!

Trippy Stick (Stix) 3.0 Review

Trippy Stix 3

Trippy Stix has been about bringing a quality, affordable vaporizer designed for use with concentrates. They’ve had a few bumps in the road and some pretty rocky reviews for their first couple of products, but the Trippy Stix 3 seems to be a positive deviation.

KandyPens SkyCloud Vaporizer Review

KandyPens SkyCloud Review

The KandyPens SkyCloud packs a pretty good punch for its size and if you plan to use with concentrates then you will not be disappointed! I was not much a fan of the herb/flower attachment but that is more due to personal bias than flaws in the device.  Kits start at just $99. Today I […]

Kingpen & Stealth (DabKits) Review

Dab Kits Kingpin

***Summary For Those Who Dont Want To Read*** The Kingpen is not just a pretty face on the vape scene, but rather a device that delivers consistent hits from a sturdy and compact device. I was not much a fan of the herb/flower attachment, but I never am so that came at no surprise to […]

Gentleman’s Vape Ambassador Kit, Espionage, & Viceroy Kit Review

Today we are going to be taking a look at not 1, not 2, but 3 pens that were sent over from the team at Gentleman’s Vape. The pens they sent over are the: Ambassador Kit V3 (which features the Double Agent & Espionage Pen) and the Viceroy Kit. Each pen is meant for a […]