Trippy Stick (Stix) 3.0 Review

Trippy Stix 3

Welcome To Our Trippy Stick (Stix) 3.0 Review

Following the release of the Trippy Stick (Stix) 2, the Trippy Stick (Stix) 3 is an improvement in every way.  Some people are still calling it Trippy Stick but its really Trippy Stix.  Anyway,  since the first model, Trippy Stix has been about bringing a quality, affordable vaporizer designed for use with concentrates. They’ve had a few bumps in the road and some pretty rocky reviews for their first couple of products, but the Trippy Stix 3 seems to be a positive deviation.

It isns’t all that different from their last model, but all of the problems that gave the Trippy Stix 2 a bad rap seem to have been fixed. From the redesigned chamber to the glossy finish, the Trippy Stix 3 is a good little device worthy of attention.

Trippy Stick (Stix) Design

Let’s start with the design. They aren’t making any huge leaps in aesthetic design here, as the overall look is very similar to that of the Trippy Stix 2.0. That isn’t really a bad thing, because the Trippy Stix 2.0 looked good!

This isn’t something that will blow you away in terms of design, but it’s by no means a bad looking device. It has a semi-premium, classy design that won’t really raise eyebrows, but will serve its purpose well.

Trippy Stick (Stix) Performance

Now let’s get to the more important stuff: performance. Let’s start with the chamber. The Trippy Stix 3, despite looking almost exactly like the Trippy Stix 2, is different in almost every way once you get past the outer layer. The Chamber is now totally wickless. The Trippy Stix 3 comes with both a Dual Rod Quartz and a Dual Rod Ceramic chamber, both of which are made of high quality materials and make for a great vaping experience.

Trippy Stick (Stix) 3.0 Chamber

It also features a new, redesigned battery that will provide you with faster heat up and prolonged battery life. It also features micro-usb charging, which is always great. More vaporizers, if not all of them at this point, have switched over to micro-usb, so seeing Trippy Stix utilize it isn’t really a surprise. It is, however, a very welcome feature.

The Trippy Stix 2.0 uses holes in the bottom of the device as the start of the air path, which could sometimes lead to leaks. When the wax vaporizes, sometimes the heat causes it to liquefy, and when you have holes in the bottom of your device, this isn’t good. The liquefied wax can leak through the ventilation holes, resulting in sticky hands and a sticky device.

The new air path design uses ventilation holes on the side of the device rather than the bottom in order to create a vaping experience totally free of mess and hassle. This is really just common sense from a design standpoint, and putting ventilation holes in the bottom of a device made for waxes was a mistake that really shouldn’t have been made in the first place.

If anything it should have been something that was noticed and fixed in the design or even the testing phase. It’s hard to give them a pat on the back for designing their product correctly with all things considered, but it’s definitely an improvement.

The bottom line is that this is a decent vaporizer, and for the price, it’s worth a look. It does a good job, but there are definitely vaporizers out there with a similar price tag offering much newer, more functional technology. Most of what’s new about this device is just fixing what should have been in the company’s last model, so on the 2016 market it just feels dated.

This is by no means a bad device, it just isn’t the best you can get for the money in terms of functionality. The quality of the build and design are great, and if you personally find the design of the device to die for, it’s definitely worth your consideration.

The 3.o chambers are 100% wick much less, we changed the wick coil with Ceramic & Quartz twin chambers as well as included a revamped air circulation body which draws air right into the chamber using side air flow of dish as opposed to the bottom permitting us to provide a 100% leakage evidence assurance as long as utilized as advised. Each device features 2 chambers one Ceramic and also one Quartz. On top of that we have actually included a mini USB port to the bottom of the Trippy Stick (Stix) 3. o battery to permit smooth billing assimilation.

The TS 3. o offers a secure and also healthy and balanced option to evaporating. It’s streamlined, very discreet and also distinctive. If you take pleasure in vaping on the move the Trippy Stick (Stix) 3.o is just what you require.

Trippy Stix 3.o – Black & Gold Includes:

(1) Dual Quartz 3.o Vapor Chamber
(1) Dual Ceramic 3.o Vapor Chamber
(1) 3.o Battery (Micro USB)
(4) Gold Trippy Tips
(1) Micro Usb Charger

Legacy Trippy Stix Review Below

With recommendations from Wiz Khalifa, the Trippy Stick Vape Pen is a vaporizer for oils. While the pen itself can be bought for $90-$130 online, pre-filled cartridges are available in dispensaries.

For $40-$50. Newer models are available with empty cartridges and models specifically for dry herbs.

The Trippy Stick is 5 inches long, small enough to fit discreetly in any pant’s pocket. A cartridge holds
about 1 gram of oil, or about 100 hits. The battery lasts 2-3 hours for heavy users, and comes with a USB
charger and wall adapter. With one button that’s held for 5 seconds, it is extremely easy to use.

Trippy Stick Pros:

  • The Trippy Stick hits very well. You get a decent amount of vapor from only a fee puffs, so you’re able
    to conserve your oil
  • The battery lasts about 5 days before it needs to be charged again.
  • With only one button, it’s easy to smoke discreetly, and with no evident smell it’s convenient when
    you’re on the go.
  • Replacement parts are easy to find on their website, and affordable.

Trippy Stick Cons:

  • The heating coil is easily damaged if used too roughly, though a replacement is available.
  • Leakage of oils can occur if the cartridge is over-filled.
  • Because there is no security lock, the vaporizer can be turned on in your pocket if pushed against something, wasting oils.

For a decent price the Trippy Stick is a quality compact vape that packs a surprising punch. You can go a while without charging it, and when it needs to be charged, it can be done from your laptop if you’re not at home. It can be frustrating to have it turn on in your pocket unexpectedly, but because the smell is minimal it won’t cause too much alarm.

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